1/2 Ouji Half Prince vol 4 chapter 18-22

April 28, 2009

Yeeeey at last they have upload more chapters to ½ Ouji on mangafox.com!!! then I saw it I scream so hard that my throat is hurting^^’……. good that I have waiting for it!!!! Chapter 18 was sooo good. It’s a battle chapter he he. In this chapter they are fighting almost all the time but it really entertainment to read about it. In this chapter there is not any rum for love confusion. So………….

Naaa chapter 19 is kind of sad in the beginning. A guy that Prince like as a friend is asking for help but Prince can’t help him because it would ruin the odd teams chance to win. Now she is torn by her loyalty to her team and her feelings. One of hers team mate named Rose is casting a spell what make a lot of damage on the one who was calling for Prince. Prince is rushing in and saved her friend. And now she has to chose if she is going or not going to fight Wicked And …………………

Chapter 20 now Prince sais “friends against friends let’s have a clean match i won’t go easy on you.. Come” to Wicked All I can say about this chapter is YOU GOT TO READ THIS !!!!!!!!!! princes new friend beg him to kill him. But Wicked stab him in the heart and then Gui shoot him in the head. Wooow poor princes friend ! but why did guy and Wicked do it …… it kind of feel that they didn’t want to risk of having a new love rival . soon the fight begin.

If you want to know more READ IT !!!!!! YOU ARE GOING TO REGRET IF U DON’T


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