Neo Angelique ~Abyss~ and Neo Angelique Abyss ~Second Age~

April 28, 2009

i just loooooove this anime LOVE!


The story takes place in a fictional world called Arcadia, where life-draining monsters called Thanatos plague the populace. The only ones who have the power to exterminate these creatures are Purifiers, but only a few exist. One day, Angelique, who is just a presumably normal girl attending school, is visited by Nyx, a rich gentlemen, as well as a Purifier, who created an organization comprised of Purifiers dedicated to eliminating Thanatos. Nyx is interested in the potential power she possesses and invites her to join his organization, but she refuses since she wants to become a doctor, like her father. However, when her school is later attacked by a Thanatos, she ends up activating her powers in her want to protect those in danger. After purifying the creature, she finds out she has a unique purifying power, and that is she the one that has been foretold in legends, the “Queen’s Egg”. It is then that her journey begins, and she becomes the only female Purifier in the world.
This is a Bishounen heaven. This anime is full with hansom boys.  I love this anime and have watch it 4 times. It’s a good story. But the ending was not like I had image.

Genre Male Harem

TV anime Director Shin Katagai Studio

Network TV Tokyo and Singapore Arts Central

Original run April 6, 2008 – June 29, 2008

Episodes 13

TV anime: Neo Angelique Abyss -Second Age-

Studio Japan Yumeta Company Network

TV Tokyo and Singapore Arts Central

Original run July 6, 2008

There is 13 eps in each season


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