1/2 OUJI vol 5 chapter 23-25

May 5, 2009

Yeeeeeey It’s have be updated !!!!!!! ½ Ouji I just LOOOVE IT LOOOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just have too finish this manga I just have to read all the vol!

1/2 Ouji vol 5

1/2 Ouji vol 5

Vol 5 ch 23

Wooow why  is prince on a boat ???? he wake up and then he is on a boat and he has to pay  5000 crystal coins. And where are she going to end up? Another continent!!!! And how is it that’s screaming “HELP!”?  and who is  Jing and Wang

Vol  5 ch 24

and just who is the flashy guy dress like a peacock ?!  in this chapter prince is juuuts sooo amazing.  Just tooooo amazing !!!!!!

vol 5 ch 25

wooooooow demon maidens appears wooow and prince have to fight hard!  GO PRINCE GO PRONCE!!!! Waaaa she is going to fight the demon king!!!!!!  And why is nobody trying to help Prince back.


One comment

  1. Hahaha! You’re really funny, you really like it, huh? But i have the same reaction while reading it, and i especially like the manga coz i played Ragnarok Online before, and it has some similarities with Second Life, the game Prince was playing. RO has this thing called Poring which really looks like a meatbun, like the one in Second Life, check it out if you like, you will feel as if you’re playing Second Life.

    Unfortunately, i think for now no one is translating the manga? But i think the next volume is due this august, so i hope by then some scanlation group would pick it up, because it really is a very funny read. If you like to read a similar manga, you can try yureka, it’s still ongoing, the storyline is similar to 1/2 Prince.

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