May 15, 2009

I read this manga a time ago. And I really like the story. But the pictures isn’t not so fashionable. I really like how the manga ends and sometimes I wonder which of the boys I should vote   for^^’. And the end …. It’s a good but sad end somehow. But I love it.  sometimes I start to cry and sometimes I laugh and sometimes it make you angry.  I like that It’s a heroine that can fight and have guts.


Another fantasy title, this story intertwines with the Greek Gods. An oracle prophesies that the current heir to the throne will be usurped, and is forced to name who will be the usurper. He lies, and sacrifices an innocent soul instead–due to his lie, this changes the life of the 15 year-old girl, Matia. It only has 15 Vols.

Alternative Name Nereideu-ui Jeongseol, 네레이드의 전설

Years of Released ???

Status Completed

Author(s) Hwang Mi Ri

Artist(s) Hwang Mi Ri

Genre(s) Drama, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Historical, Romance, Shoujo, Tragedy

click to read

Legend of Nereid Vol.01 Ch.001


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