spoilers on sugar sugar rune

May 16, 2009

The anime end in sugar sugar rune in is really different from the manga end. i don’r know  which end i like the best ..

But maybe the anime end

End in anime:

Vanilla wins, but she refuses to take the crown. She gives it to Chocolat because she thinks that Chocolat will be a better queen. Chocola and Vanilla wish to study further in the human world and Queen Candy permits them to do so. Then Pierre and Chocolat are married in the magical world, making Chocolat the first queen of the Magical and Ogre worlds.

Manga end:

After defeated Glace Chocolat and Pierre disappears. Chocolat was the winner  but vanilla get the crown because chocolate disappears.  But just as she was going to be crown to be queen Chocolat and Pierre  comes to the palace. Vanilla want to  give the crown to Chocolat but she don’t want it. it ends whit Chocolat and Pierre falls down to the human word from the moon kissing and the akira and his son see them. ( thnx sininen )



  1. Umm, I think it’s Akira and HIS son who sees them.

  2. this manga is very sweet

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