May 21, 2009

This manga is sooo touching in the beginning. Sometimes I start to cry waterfalls. The first 3 vol is about Miriam then she was 8 years old. She is a strong and wise and surprising child. in the first vol she meet Douglas and his friend. And soon are they all stand head over heels whit problems.

The vol 4-5 is about Miriam then she is 17 and a new adventure is waiting for her and Douglas. There is 7 volumes


This is a cowboy shoujo manga set in the Wild West. Miriam is an orphan. Her father was a drunken gambler; she only had a dress and they moved from place to place, until one day her father died and Grace took her in. The series follows Miriam’s life, growing up, and falling in love with her life-long friend, the skillful sharpshooter Douglas.

Alternative Name 荒野の天使ども, 荒野天使, Angel of the Wilderness, Angels of the Rough Plains, Kouya no Tenshidomo, Koya no Tenshi domo

Years of Released 1983

Status Completed

Author(s) Hikawa Kyoko

Artist(s) Hikawa Kyoko

Genre(s) Action, Adventure, Romance, Shoujo

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Miriam Vol.01 Ch.000


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