Pandora Hearts

May 28, 2009

ps oneesan gil och kanske Jack Bezarius är mina

ps oneesan gil och kanske Jack Bezarius är mina

This anime is like a mix of other  different  animes. it’s a 2009 anime

It reminds of:

chron crusade– a contract between a human and a demon. And a watch that counts down to the end.

Tsubasa chronicles – lost memories. A search for lost fragments of the memories.

Rozen maiden– a  arrogant girl is the master.

ouran high school host club–  the main man character is childish.

I’m sure that Pandora heart reminds of other animes to. But it was this that I thought of then I was watching Pandora heart. I like the story line in this anime even if this anime reminds of other. And it’s well animated. The voice fits well whit the characters.


Oz Bezarius, heir to one of the duke houses, has just turned fifteen. His life is rich and carefree, darkened only by the constant absence of his father. At his coming-of-age ceremony, however, everything changes. For no reason that he can discern, he’s cast into the prison known as the “Abyss”, only to be saved by a “chain” known as Alice, the bloodstained black rabbit. The mystery there begins as Oz unravels the mystery behind Alice, the Abyss and the strange organization known as Pandora. The series features heavy references to Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” and can be considered both fantasy and mystery.

Main Characters

Bezarius Household

Oz Bezarius (オズ ベザリウス, Ozu Bezariusu)

The main character of the story. A 15 years old boy with the height of 162cm and blond hair and green eyes from the prestigious Bezarius family of which his father is the head. The story of Pandora Hearts starts when Oz turns fifteen. During the ceremony to celebrate this reaching of adulthood, he is dragged into the Abyss for the sin of ‘existing’. There he meets the chain named Alice and makes a contract with her.

Alice (アリス, Arisu)

The tsundere type heroine of the story with the height of 160cm. Alice first appears as a chain that Oz forms a contract with in the Abyss. In fact, she is actually the infamous B-rabbit (Bloodstained Black Rabbit), the strongest chain in the Abyss. Alice’s goal is to find her lost memories, which play a major role in the story. In human form, Alice has long dark brown hair with 2 side plaits. She has a huge appetite and loves meat especially. She is hotheaded, loud spoken and says what she thinks without regard to consequence. Despite this, she has a soft side, especially when Oz is involved. She hates when Oz leaves her alone, but to hide it she usually says, “I’m in a contract with you. You are my manservant, and as a manservant, what were you thinking, leaving me behind!?” or just hits Oz and says “Shut up”.

Genre Mystery, Fantasy, Action, Comedy, Romance

Author Jun Mochizuki

Publisher Square Enix

English publisher Yen Press

Demographic Shōnen

Magazine GFantasy

Original run June 2006 – ongoing

Volumes 9

TV anime

Director Takao Kato

Studio XEBEC

Network TBS, BS-TBS

Original run April 2, 2009 – ongoing



  1. ’bout ph manga?
    What volume now at japan??
    I’ve read just 7 chapter..
    Yeah i think so, i like gill voice! It’s so cute!

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