June 17, 2009

white garden

First the i started to read this manga i just like

What he is a pet!?!?!?!  And he is a dog  ?0_0

And sooner I just thought

Kyaaa such a sweetheart ,so cute! ^////^

And later on the manga I began to cry it was so sad. I just love the end it’s so sweet. I start to cry just to think on it.  T^T  but I liked the end. At first I was disappointed but somehow I like the end it’s a peaceful end.


Zhan is a pet that has been sold to a lot of owners but in turn they have all left him and he always believes it is his fault. He met an old lady and they spent a lot of time together but then her health gets worse and she dies leaving Zhan to go back to the pet shop.

Alternative Name None

Years of Released 2005

Status Completed

Author(s) Nan Kong Yuu

Artist(s) Nan Kong Yuu

Genre(s) Drama, Slice Of Life, Tragedy  ,Fantasy

click on the link to read



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