June 18, 2009

This manga is kind of unique I think. The heroine is beautiful like always but I think she has a different personality. She seams cold and like a bad person but she is not. I find this manga  interesting and it has good pictures. And  then I’m reading this manga I get different vibes. It’s  feels different.


Akuma to Love Song revolves around an unusual girl, Kawai Maria who was expelled from her previous school St.Katria Girls’ School and soon transfers to Touzuka High School, a public school with low standards. Her sharp tongue and straight forward personality often leads everyone else to hate her with exception to two handsome boys who eventually gets involved. With a devil’s aura like hers and an arrogant facade to pair it up with, it’s just too hard to be understood. And so Maria needs to deal with bullying, adjusting, fitting in and of course, Romance. Just how will a devil like her cope with all these predicaments?

Alternative Name 恶魔变奏曲, 悪魔とラブソング,Akuma to Love song, Akuma to Rabu Songu,Devil and a Love Song, Devil and Her Love Song

Years of Released 2007

Status Ongoing No Set Release Date

Author(s) Tomori Miyoshi

Artist(s) Tomori Miyoshi

Genre(s) Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo

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