Barajou no Kiss Vol.02 Ch.006: To Whom does the Weekend Belong!?

June 27, 2009


Oooo i this chapter appear a new rose it’s the yellow  rose the rose  with petals stained whit envy Hmm that’s all I’m going to say why don’t you read the chapter

Click on the link to read the chapter


white rose


One comment

  1. This chapter was okay. I prefer the previous chapter more. That one had Kaede x Anise love. What do you think of the new guy? I think he’s a creep and needs to die, but that’s my opinion. He insulted Kaede and Seiran. No one insults Seiran man! NO ONE! Seiran is moe and you know it! And Kaede is so freaking hot. He’s not ugly! But why oh why must the new guy have to be hot I wonder.

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