Cheshire Cat pandora hearts ep 15

July 18, 2009

Cheshire 3


Waaaaaa every time i watch ep 15 I starts to cry T^T poor Cheshire he only wanted to protect alice from the horrible memory. Just in this ep I really don’t like Break  why did he kill Cheshire !!!!!!!  Cheshire is my favorite in Pandora Hearts he is the best.  I want him to be my pet !!!! he is so cute

Cheshire 2

(-^_^-) I want to hug him !!!!

And I just love Kappei Yamaguchi voice he is one of the best. (btw he has voiced L(death note) and inuyasha)

Cheshire 4



  1. He`s my fave too!! and I think Break went a little too far by killing Ches T.T I miss him T__T

    • I miss him too. Then he died I almost drowned in my tears

  2. Omigord! hes so cute!!! i wanna hug him to!!!!!

  3. I know! He’s sooo adorable!!! Me ♥ Cheshy!

  4. Im try cosplaying as him. Thnx for the reference pics.

  5. Cheshire so cute!!! Why do all the cute guys have to be anime?

  6. how could Alice forget him is what i keep saying, cuz he was her only friend and he was nice… *hugs*

  7. may Break suffer!

  8. probably because cheshire tried to kill him, took his eye long ago, and tried to kill everyone else, including Alice, who he was supposed to try and protect. Besides, cheshire is whiny, and a wimpy idiot. No offense, but seriously? I agree with Break! that whole “for so-and-so’s sake” makes me sick. They’re causing pain for nobody’s sake but their own, and blaming it on other people is just sad. Anyway, she had plushy Oz, too, and Jack(even if he was a traitor) AND Oswalde(whom Oz was named after). I know I sound like an uppity jerk, but that’s what I believe.

  9. And, Break does suffer, he goes blind. I find it incredibly sad. Break… is one of my favorite characters. He understands and cares more than he lets on. He really does. Besides, Break is going to die a far more painful, slower death than cheshire did. Its really, really sad.

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