August 4, 2009


aaaa new manga found he he !!!!!! this manga reminds of mamotte lollipop but I think that this one I much better. ( I think that the boys are more handsome( ps oneesan de är mina )). But I think that the manga is to short it’s just 1 vol T^T.


As the pioneer Evangel, it is Lufiras’ job to rid the world of lower level demons who cause mischief. No hero can go without a sidekick, so Cadiz the (slightly annoying) Intermediate Level Demon decided to descend to earth as well to make sure his little buddy Lufiras-chin wouldn’t go lonely. Together with Manaka, who (reluctantly) allowed them to freeload off her during their stay in Japan, they go on their way exterminating low level demons, eating kakigoori (shaved ice thingies) and causing a racket at school.

Alternative Name   エバンジェル

Years of Released  2003

Status  Completed

Author(s)  Hinaki Hinata

Artist(s)  Hinaki Hinata

Genre(s)  Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo


click on the link too read






aaa here is another manga a one shot. even that it’s only  45 pages is this manga really good. The end is soo touching


Sendrick is a little bird that has always hated humans the most in the world. All his life, he’s been running from them out of fear, but soon, he accidentally encounters a human tomboy-ish girl named Kayana. This unexpected encounter might actually change a lot in Sendrick’s mind.

Alternative Name   None

Years of Released  2007

Status  Completed

Author(s)  Sakura Amyuu

Artist(s)  Sakura Amyuu

Genre(s)  Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, One Shot, Romance, School Life, Shoujo

click on the link too read




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  1. […] this manga.  I’m so going to read Sakura Amyuu-sans other manga. i have already read her manga BY HERO and it’s so cute to […]

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