bishounen time with MEMORY EATERS and IN-TRAINING

August 5, 2009

Taaadaaan it’s bishounen time!!!!!! !!! 2 manga with bishounen here I go!!

First we have the manga MEMORY EATERS. It’s a amazing manga with beautiful  pictures.

vol 1

vol 1

I can highly recommend it to all bishounen fans.


Memory eaters live on people’s memory. They are originally death messengers who remove human’s memory when they carry souls. But some of them are charmed by the memory’s beauty and become Exiles: Memory Eaters. Dio is one of them, but he does not steal human memory like other Exiles, but earns it by helping people. One day, Dio finds a girl who is losing too much memories from Exiles . He tries to help her, but Ces, who was a model death messenger, is around her. What is he doing here?

Alternative Name   기억술사

Years of Released  2007

Status  Ongoing No Set Release Date

Author(s)  Kang Kyung Nam

Artist(s)  Kang Kyung Nam

Genre(s)  Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, Slice Of Life, Supernatural

Click on the link to read


The next one is a short one. Named IN-TRAINING, it’s also have beautiful pictures.



A youkai has finally met her destined lover, but is he really going to accept her?

Alternative Name   None

Years of Released  2004

Status  Completed

Author(s)  Unknown

Artist(s)  Unknown  ( if you know then tell me please )

Genre(s)  Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo

Click on the link to read



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