August 6, 2009

Oooo guess that I have found……. Another manga yeey for me. The best with this manga? Hmm it’s the handsome prince >///<


Alternative Name   王子様の夢うつつ,Oujisama no Yume Utsutsu, The Prince’s Waking

Dream Years of Released  2006

Status  Completed

Author(s)  Yukimura Yuni

Artist(s)  Yukimura Yuni

Genre(s)  Drama, Fantasy, One Shot, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural


From Fateful Encounters:
Four years ago, Prince Lulnavul fell into an eternal sleep due to an unknown curse. The king then made a proclamation: whoever wakes the prince will receive any reward they choose…but up until now, not one has achieved it. Now, Witch Sayla, scorned by the outside for being a witch, attempts this task as the 99th contender, not for the sake of the prince’s hand in marriage like the princesses before her, but solely for the king’s national treasure, the Sapphire of Illusions. Can a witch, who is hated even in fairy tales, be the heroine of this one? Follow Sayla as she goes to meet this sleeping prince inside his dreams.

click on the link to read.




  1. Is the Prince yours, or can I have him?

    • du kan ta honom men de snygga killarna i Memory eaters är mina

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