Skip Beat! Vol.23 Ch.144: Valentine Guerilla

August 18, 2009

Kyaaaaaaaa i just love this chapter you got to read this!!!!!! Waaaa sho is all mess up because of the chocolate. And ren is pretty mess up to  because he didn’t receive any chocolate from kyoko and on top of that kyoko pop up and give yashiro and the others chocolate !!!! and just then ren is hmmmm disappointment? Angry? Sad? ….. or that he is.. sho shows up with a big bouquet to kyoko!!! a BIG one!! But why is he giving flower to kyoko? Read the chapter and find out more.


Click on the link to read

Skip Beat! Vol.23 Ch.144: Valentine Guerilla

Or if you haven’t read skip beat click on this links


Skip Beat! Vol.01 Ch.001: Take off


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