September 8, 2009

Kyaaaa I just love this manga love love love love lovex6 I just cant get enough. I specific like vol. 4 then Musashi is pretending to be someone’s fiancé to help her. This manga is a have to read manga  the story is sooo cool and good and the pictures is great and the main character is amazing. This manga is totally in my stile. I wish that  could be a anime


The “ultra secret” organization, Ultimate Blue, dedicates itself to fighting terroists and criminals in the name of peace. Their top agent goes by the code name “Musashi #9;” she is a quiet yet fearless 16 year old girl.

Alternative Name 9番目のムサシ,9番目のムサシ, 9banme no Musashi, Kyuubanme no Musashi, Musashi #9, Musashi No.9, Musashi No9

Years of Released 1996

Status Ongoing  (on mangafox)

Author(s) Takahashi Miyuki

Artist(s) Takahashi Miyuki

Genre(s) Action, Adventure, Drama, Gender Bender, Shoujo

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