oneshots manga by Saijou Ayano

September 15, 2009


This manga is on of my favorites of all the oneshots ^_^it have a really sweet story and the boys are handsome. Saijou ayano are the best oneshot mangaka ever!


Dumped by her boyfriend, Satuki is ready to hang herself. As she ties the rope and reflects on her life, some annoying boys start making a racket behind her! Can’t a girl die in peace and quiet!? She yells at them and settles their scuffle to find an innocent fat boy left behind. He was being bullied and she had saved him. This surprisingly tall, chubby boy wants to repay her, so he will become handsome and attractive just like the model JK for her! And once he’s handsome, he’ll pretend to be her boyfriend to get back at her ex! But now that he’s attractive, she’s having strange feelings…is she falling for his new beautiful face or for the chubby boy inside?

(JK är min oneesan)

Alternative Name 美少年七変化, Seven Phases of a Beautiful Boy , BISHOUNEN SHICHIHENGE

Years of Released 2007

Status Completed

Author(s) Saijou Ayano

Artist(s) Saijou Ayano

Genre(s) Comedy, Drama, One Shot, Romance, School Life


This is another good oneshot manga made by Sajiou A. he he I love this to and as usually the boys are handsome ^_^


Akane has a crush on the princely Yuu, but when she finds out he’s living with super attractive Kei, she makes a deal with the other girl to move out of Yuu’s house. But Kei insists on moving in with Akane, and is now running her ragged with demands! Will Akane get any chance with Yuu or will all her time be spent with Kei?

(Kei är min )

Alternative Name You Can’t Tell Anyone , DARENIMO IENAI!,

Years of Released 2008

Status Completed

Author(s) Saijou Ayano

Artist(s) Saijou Ayano

Genre(s) Comedy, Gender Bender, One Shot, Romance, Shoujo

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Darenimo Ienai! (SAIJYO Ayano) Vol.01 Ch.001

Bishounen Shichihenge Vol.01 Ch.000


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  1. […] name on ^^’  but but I LOVE it I haven’t seen a bishounen  transformation since the oneshot  BISHOUNEN SHICHIHENGE by Saijou AyanoXD hihihihi i was like wooo no wow!! What !?!?!?!?!? hihihihi aaaa and she is so funny XD i would […]

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