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Yumeiro Patissiere.

October 28, 2009


Today I found a new anime named Yumeiro Patissiere. And it’s really cute ^_^it reminds me of a little snow fairy and kitchen princess and gakuen alice. this is a anime that I will be watching in winter ^_^

Alternative title: 夢色パティシエール

Genres: fantasy, romance ,Shoujo, comedy, school life.

Vintage: 2009-10-04



Adaptation of Natsumi Matsumoto’s shoujo manga Yumeiro Patissiere (Dream-Colored Pastry Chef). The manga, which premiered in September 2008, tells the story of 14 year old Ichigo Amano, a clumsy girl who dreams of becoming a pastry chef. She draws closer to fulfilling her dream when she enrolls in the St. Mary Academy culinary school and meets a tiny “spirit of sweets.”

Japanese cast

Aoi Yūki as Ichigo Amano

Ayana Taketatsu as Vanilla

Nobuhiko Okamoto as Makoto Kashino

Shinya Hamazoe as Sennosuke Andou

Tsubasa Yonaga as Satsuki Hanabusa

Daisuke Kishio as Anri Lucas

Mariko Mizuno as Natsume Amano


click on the link to watch

Yumeiro Patissiere Episode 1



October 25, 2009


I love this manga I just love it !!!!! The pictures is soooo beautiful and the boys are soooo handsome he he ^^ and the story is really cute and good.

Alternative Name タウ

Years of Released 2000

Status Completed

Author(s) Tachibana Kaimu

Artist(s) Tachibana Kaimu

Genre(s) Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo



1) Crossroad: Sol, fiancé to Prince Ni, is about to have a wedding ceremony. Suddenly, she said she wanted to go for a trip and the idea was denied. She couldn’t give up on the idea and tried to run away from the castle…
Heart warming romantic love fantasy


2) Treasure /3) Mystery is stories about  the time Sol and Ni spent before Crossroad.


4) Entrust! Extra story. this one is really good to but not as good as the other.

click on the link to read

Tau Vol.01 Ch.001.1: Story 1


oneshot manga

October 22, 2009

The is some manga in the category oneshot .

First we have the manga YUME NO SHIRO by Tsuda Masami. I really like the stories and the pictures^_^ and I really like that the magician follows you through all three stories. I have to say that i like the first story the most.


Alternative Name 夢の城 -魔法使いシリーズ-, Castle of Dreams, Castle of Dreams – Wizard Series –

Years of Released 1999

Status Completed

Author(s) Tsuda Masami

Artist(s) Tsuda Masami

Genre(s) Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo,Oneshot


Yume no Shiro is a one volume work by Masami Tsuda and consists of 3 short stories. Masami Tsuda is famous for Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou, or KareKano for short. These stories were drawn while Kare Kano was still running so the artwork is quite nice.

Also, there is a thread running through all three stories. That’s a magician who helps the people. Who are the people he helps? and How?


1) Inside the Forest
There is a young girl who lives in the forest, and is never lonely for all the

animals love her. One day, a wealthy sultan loses his beloved sultanna, so the girl is sent to him as his concubine. Sana arrives at his mansion with no thought of staying, but somehow she was captured by him.

Yume no Shiro Vol.01 Ch.001: Inside the Forest

2) I’m a Mermaid
Once upon a time, a mermaid and a human fell in love. From then on, their children would in turn fall in love with each other, and so would their children’s children, therefore keeping the power of being able to control the weather within their blood so they could protect their island. But one day, a small boat carrying a foreigner washed up on the shores.

Yume no Shiro Vol.01 Ch.002: I am a Mermaid


3) The Castle of Dreams
A prince and his loyal servant jumps off a castle tower, ending up in a magical forest. Within the forest is a castle that has everything they ever wished for.. The Castle of Dreams.

Yume no Shiro Vol.01 Ch.003: Castle of Dreams


the next is the cute oneshot manga  MAIGO NO KEMONOTACHI by Fujita Maguro

Its have 2 stories and I think they are really good but I like the first the best ^_^


Alternative Name 迷子のケモノ達, The Stray Beasts

Years of Released 2004

Status Completed

Author(s) Fujita Maguro

Artist(s) Fujita Maguro

Genre(s) Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo,Oneshot


It’s a story about the love between a mermaid named Myuu that together with a friend ends up in the demon world. A world full of danger because the demons eat mermaid to get power. Then she is searching for her friend she meet a demon named Jirou. And soon things will be more………..

Maigo no Kemonotachi Vol.01 Ch.001


The next story is about a princess. One day she preformed in magic show and the magician put her in a magic mixer together with an ant and what happens? The princess turns into an ant girl and the magician did not turn her back he just left!!!!! Now she is searching for him to make him turn her back. She meets up with a baker and his father that also is the victim of the magical mixer   and together they are going to make the magician turn them back.

Maigo no Kemonotachi Vol.01 Ch.004: End


Skip Beat! Vol.24 Ch.148: Valentine’s Day XXXX

October 21, 2009


OMG you HAVE to READ this CHAPTER !!!!!!!!!! sho is so satisfied That he made kyoko angry and that she began to hate him more because now she is only thinking of him. A person that is not so satisfied is ren and he decide that he had to try make kyoko think about other things then the kiss and he’s solution Is 0——————-0 OMG YOU OT TO READ IT!!!!!!0O0

click on the link to read

Skip Beat! Vol.24 Ch.148: Valentine’s Day XXXX

Tsuruga_Ren_2_by_deddinty 09-35-27


spoiler on ch 14-15 blue ramun

October 19, 2009

Naaaaaaaaaaaa nooooooooooooo don’t die Rowan/ Zai don’t die TT^TT …

Rowans protected jessie and got badly hurt and just before he had lost his fire dragon arm and now he’s turning back to Zai the good blue doctor TT^TT he had hurt eagle badly and put poison in he’s wounds and now eagle was going to die… BUT then he turned back into Zai he helps Jessie as a spirit to heal eagle so that eagle survives. And another good thing is that eagle gave Jessie his earring  ad u that have read the manga knows that it means he he and you that haven’t ……^___^ I’m just going to say^^ read the manga ^^

I think that the manga is completed now ^_^

click on the link to read ch 14-14

Blue Ramun 14







click on the link to read ch 14-14

Blue Ramun 14


Tenshi no Uta

October 19, 2009


This is one manga that I started to read again he he I haven’t read all the vols.

I like the story and sometime yuuya reminds me of ren from skip beat …….  The manga reminds me about skip beat sometimes………. Or should I say that skip beat reminds me of  tenshi no uta. You will understand how then you read it.

Tenshi No Uta

Alternative Name 天使の唄, 天使之聲;,Angel Voice, Tenshi no Uta ,Angel’s song, Tiếng hát học trò

Years of Released 1997

Status  Ongoing ( on mangafox)

Author(s) Makimura Kumi

Artist(s) Makimura Kumi

Genre(s) Drama, Romance, Shoujo


A chance meeting between a famous idol and a ordinary girl on a snowy surreal day sets the stage for this manga. Depressed and hopeless, Kurashiki Yuya meets Mayu, whose carefree and live-for-the-moment attitude brings him new hope. In the spur of the moment, Yuya forgets to ask Mayu’s name, and watches as she disappears from his life. Much later, Yuya comes across Natsume Tougo and their band Dessert, along with their new performer, who is none other than Mayu. Mayu and Yuya meet again, but Touga is determined to not let her go at any cost!

click on the link to read

Tenshi no Uta Vol.01 Ch.000

(oneesan yuuya är min)


Spoiler on sailor moon star.Seiya x Usagi

October 19, 2009



Waaaaaaaaaa okey I know that usagi loves…..LOVES Mamoru but but but but I want her to be together with Seiya!!!!!!! First. ……and even know I really don’t know if he is a she or a he…….. But I know that he/she has feelings for usagi and I think that they are soooooooooo goooooood together I was like nooooooooo then she/he and the other returned to their planet and I was like  ” aaaaaaaaa thick head!!!!” then usagi replied that they where going to be friends forever.  And yes I think that’s good that mamoru come back too life but but aaargh I’m still a seiya x usagi fans^______^  he he I just ……..can you say love ?……. hmmm admire seiya he he and I of course like the other in the three lights/ Sailor Starlights^_^



Seiya Kou - Ginga Ichi Mibun na Kataomoi

more info about Seiya