spoiler on 9 BANME NO MUSASHI vol 10 and 11

October 2, 2009

Why why why why did shingo tachibana have to die!!!! Then he finely caught up witch number 9.  Then nr 19 got the phone call and told nr 9 that he was dead I start to cry seas it was soooo sad I thought that he was going to wake up from the coma! And poor nr 9 her first love and he died then he rescue her from a hand grenade, and he that had spent lots of time searching for her he didn’t even got to say something or touch her. It’s so sad TT^TT

And of course was I listening to sad music then he died

And then I vol 11

Taaaaaaadaaaa!!! He’s alive!!!!! Yes yes yes and nr 9 said that she love him and always will ^______^- it was soooo cute and I start to cry again but now because that I was happy he he he he he he but I think that nr 19 was dirty when he told nr 9 how that shingo was dead!!!!!  How could he do that! but but he have he’s reason ^_^



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