Spoiler on sailor moon star.Seiya x Usagi

October 19, 2009



Waaaaaaaaaa okey I know that usagi loves…..LOVES Mamoru but but but but I want her to be together with Seiya!!!!!!! First. ……and even know I really don’t know if he is a she or a he…….. But I know that he/she has feelings for usagi and I think that they are soooooooooo goooooood together I was like nooooooooo then she/he and the other returned to their planet and I was like  ” aaaaaaaaa thick head!!!!” then usagi replied that they where going to be friends forever.  And yes I think that’s good that mamoru come back too life but but aaargh I’m still a seiya x usagi fans^______^  he he I just ……..can you say love ?……. hmmm admire seiya he he and I of course like the other in the three lights/ Sailor Starlights^_^



Seiya Kou - Ginga Ichi Mibun na Kataomoi

more info about Seiya




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  1. seiyausagi forever!

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