Tenshi no Uta

October 19, 2009


This is one manga that I started to read again he he I haven’t read all the vols.

I like the story and sometime yuuya reminds me of ren from skip beat …….  The manga reminds me about skip beat sometimes………. Or should I say that skip beat reminds me of  tenshi no uta. You will understand how then you read it.

Tenshi No Uta

Alternative Name 天使の唄, 天使之聲;,Angel Voice, Tenshi no Uta ,Angel’s song, Tiếng hát học trò

Years of Released 1997

Status  Ongoing ( on mangafox)

Author(s) Makimura Kumi

Artist(s) Makimura Kumi

Genre(s) Drama, Romance, Shoujo


A chance meeting between a famous idol and a ordinary girl on a snowy surreal day sets the stage for this manga. Depressed and hopeless, Kurashiki Yuya meets Mayu, whose carefree and live-for-the-moment attitude brings him new hope. In the spur of the moment, Yuya forgets to ask Mayu’s name, and watches as she disappears from his life. Much later, Yuya comes across Natsume Tougo and their band Dessert, along with their new performer, who is none other than Mayu. Mayu and Yuya meet again, but Touga is determined to not let her go at any cost!

click on the link to read

Tenshi no Uta Vol.01 Ch.000

(oneesan yuuya är min)


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