oneshot manga

October 22, 2009

The is some manga in the category oneshot .

First we have the manga YUME NO SHIRO by Tsuda Masami. I really like the stories and the pictures^_^ and I really like that the magician follows you through all three stories. I have to say that i like the first story the most.


Alternative Name 夢の城 -魔法使いシリーズ-, Castle of Dreams, Castle of Dreams – Wizard Series –

Years of Released 1999

Status Completed

Author(s) Tsuda Masami

Artist(s) Tsuda Masami

Genre(s) Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo,Oneshot


Yume no Shiro is a one volume work by Masami Tsuda and consists of 3 short stories. Masami Tsuda is famous for Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou, or KareKano for short. These stories were drawn while Kare Kano was still running so the artwork is quite nice.

Also, there is a thread running through all three stories. That’s a magician who helps the people. Who are the people he helps? and How?


1) Inside the Forest
There is a young girl who lives in the forest, and is never lonely for all the

animals love her. One day, a wealthy sultan loses his beloved sultanna, so the girl is sent to him as his concubine. Sana arrives at his mansion with no thought of staying, but somehow she was captured by him.

Yume no Shiro Vol.01 Ch.001: Inside the Forest

2) I’m a Mermaid
Once upon a time, a mermaid and a human fell in love. From then on, their children would in turn fall in love with each other, and so would their children’s children, therefore keeping the power of being able to control the weather within their blood so they could protect their island. But one day, a small boat carrying a foreigner washed up on the shores.

Yume no Shiro Vol.01 Ch.002: I am a Mermaid


3) The Castle of Dreams
A prince and his loyal servant jumps off a castle tower, ending up in a magical forest. Within the forest is a castle that has everything they ever wished for.. The Castle of Dreams.

Yume no Shiro Vol.01 Ch.003: Castle of Dreams


the next is the cute oneshot manga  MAIGO NO KEMONOTACHI by Fujita Maguro

Its have 2 stories and I think they are really good but I like the first the best ^_^


Alternative Name 迷子のケモノ達, The Stray Beasts

Years of Released 2004

Status Completed

Author(s) Fujita Maguro

Artist(s) Fujita Maguro

Genre(s) Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo,Oneshot


It’s a story about the love between a mermaid named Myuu that together with a friend ends up in the demon world. A world full of danger because the demons eat mermaid to get power. Then she is searching for her friend she meet a demon named Jirou. And soon things will be more………..

Maigo no Kemonotachi Vol.01 Ch.001


The next story is about a princess. One day she preformed in magic show and the magician put her in a magic mixer together with an ant and what happens? The princess turns into an ant girl and the magician did not turn her back he just left!!!!! Now she is searching for him to make him turn her back. She meets up with a baker and his father that also is the victim of the magical mixer   and together they are going to make the magician turn them back.

Maigo no Kemonotachi Vol.01 Ch.004: End


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