Akuma na Eros,Black Bird,Love Monster

November 7, 2009

The three of them kind of reminds me of each other ^_^ all of them have demon/ devil/monster  and handsome boys ^_^ and  is about a relationship  between a demon/ devil/monster and a human AND I LOVE THEM ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who could not love ( asking girls) love love love a manga with bishounen in it XD ( they are  love is for everyone manga(s))


First  we have  Akuma na Eros ^_^


Alternative Name Satanic Eros, Virgin Crisis

Years of Released 2001

Status Completed

Author(s) Shinjo Mayu

Artist(s) Shinjo Mayu

Genre(s) Drama, Fantasy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Smut, Supernatural



Miu Sakurai, age 15, attends a Catholic school where she prays every day for her admired Shion Amamiya to return her love. When that doesn’t work, she places her faith in a book of magic and tries casting one of its spells. However, it’s not love that manifests… it’s Satan! “The recompense for the contract to grant your wish is your virginity,” he tells her, and this is Miu’s virgin crisis!

Vol. 4, Story 2: Satanic Honey
Malphas, who exists on Earth as Tsubasa, meets a young girl named Manami who has an unusual compassion for crows. She has two secrets which will transform Tsubasa’s reasons for wanting to mature into a full demon…

Vol. 4, Story 3: Satanic Cohabitation
The continued adventures of Miu and Satan. Baal, who desires Satan’s place as the Lord of Hell, kidnaps Miu to use as Satan-bait. But complications arise when Baal looks for the aspect of Miu that would attract a high-level demon… and finds it!

click on the link to read

Akuma na Eros Ch.001.1


Now the manga  Black Bird


Alternative Name   ブラックバード, 黑鸟恋人

Years of Released  2007

Status  Ongoing

Author(s)  Sakurakouji Kanoko

Artist(s) Sakurakouji Kanoko (i think)

Genre(s)  Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, Smut, Supernatural



By vally:
The world is full of mysterious “things,” but life keeps on going peacefully because no one can see them–except Misao. Harada Misao has the special power to see these “things,” but she doesn’t tell anybody and tries to continue leading a happy high school life. Though she’s jealous of her friends who have boyfriends, she’s just like a normal teenage girl as she keeps having dreams about a boy she met when she was younger who has the same power as she does.

Her mundane life suddenly changes when goblins try to eat her, and her old friend Kyo comes back to protect her from them. Then, she finds out that she is personally being sought out as monster food and that Kyo is a monster, too. Will she still marry him like they promised when they were children, based on her faith in him that he has no bad intentions towards her? Will she even be safe at school now that Kyo has become her new homeroom teacher? Her exciting teenage life is just about to begin.

click on the link to read

Black Bird Vol.01 Ch.001


And now Love MonsterLoveMonster02

Alternative Name ラブモンスター, ラブ・モンスター, 寄託部 – 小林の恋, 爱的魔怪, I Love A Monster, Love is a Monster, Love’s Monster, Monster Love

Years of Released 2002

Satus Completed

Author(s) Miyagi Riko

Artist(s) Miyagi Riko

Genre(s) Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Smut, Supernatural



After failing an entrance exam to her school of dreams, Hiyoko Osora gets an acceptance letter from SM academy without even applying.She arrives at the school and gets a huge shock…All the students are monsters!!. The head of the student council introduces her to the entire school and claims her as his fiance..then sprouts black wings. Hiyo learns that hes a crow, and shes the legendary white crow too. Follow Hiyo to discover her past promises, her trueself and the pain and dangers of losing everyone she cares about.

click on the link to read

Love Monster Vol.01 Ch.001



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