November 25, 2009

This manga is soooo beautiful. The story is really good and the pictures is great. Then you are reading this you’re going to smile, cry.

Alternative Name はなのこえ
花情曲,La Voix des Fleurs ,The Voice of Flowers

Years of Released 1991

Status Completed

Author(s) Natsuki Sumeragi

Artist(s) Natsuki Sumeragi

Genre(s) Drama, Historical, Josei, Romance, Supernatural, Tragedy


4 interconnected love stories:

1)The Enchanted Peony – A valedictorian finds a beautiful peony.

2) The Butterfly Visits the Spring Garden – A butterfly turns into a human and meets a human boy.

3) The Cry of the Tiger – A man has to stay the night in the mountains where he meets a recluse family of three.

4) The Serpent Princess’s Sanctuary – A brother and sister meet after being separated at birth.

click to read

Hana no Koe Vol.001 Ch.001


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