November 29, 2009

I really like this  version of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland not only because of the handsome boys no hehe i like this new Alice and the story’s twis. i REALLY WANTS TO PLAY THE GAME !

Alternative Name ハートの国のアリス-Wonderful Wonder World, 心之國的愛麗絲, Alice in Heartland, Heart no Kuni no Alice – Wonderful Wonder World, Alice in the Country of Hearts,

Years of Released 2008

Status Ongoing

Author(s) Quinrose

Artist(s) Hoshino Soumei

Genre(s) Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Shoujo


he girly but bloody otome game re-imagining of Lewis Carroll’s classic fantasy novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with bishounen characters and added romance.

A parody of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland where Alice is smart and non-doormatlike.

In this story, Alice is not all what she seems. She is practical, strong, yet a darkly cynical. Instead of the tradition story, Alice is kidnapped unwillingly by a mysterious (yet somewhat bishie-looking) man with bunny ears into a place call Heartland. Stuck in Heartland due to a trick by the mysterious bunny eared man, she meets the residents of this world. Along the way, Alice meets Blood, handsome mafia leader; Ace, the psycho yet charming knight and more…What should Alice do in such a world!?


click on the link to read

Heart no Kuni no Alice Vol.01 Ch.001: Welcome to Wonderland



  1. Glad to see Heart no Kuni no Alice getting such a positive review!
    It’s one of my favorite mangas (and not just because the guys are cute or anything…no not at all *jk)

    If you like Heart no Kuni no Alice, you should check out Crimson Empire. Right now only 2 chapters have been released on mangafox but the same people that made Heart no Kuni no Alice did Crimson Empire. And yes, there are cuties in that one too! ^o^

    • i just love Crimson Empire !!!!

      • Aha! ^_^ Now I know what I am to do after tests 😉

      • ^_^read this manga? ^_^ hehe aaaaaa i wish i could buy the game but it seems impossible it find it here there i live T^T

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