December 14, 2009

this is a really good manga with  action adventure and romance, great story line and beautiful pictures and interesting characters

Alternative Name: Superior, シューピアリア, Superior†  , シューピアリア・クロス,
Superior Cross.

Years of Released 2004

Chapters: 24 – ongoing – irregular ( on onemanga)

Vols: 9
Author: ichtys

Artist: ichtys
Categories: action, fantasy, shoujo , Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, drama, Shounen


The demon queen who subdued enormous and powerful monsters, slaughtered over half of the world population. Surviving members of the human race elected a hero to slay the demon queen, beseeching release from her oppressive rule. His name is Exa the Hero. However, he questions his mission to eradicate the monsters for they too are alive and anguish over that fact. Sheila the Demon Queen became interested in his principles and joined his journey, hiding her identity. Eventually, she realizes that she fell in love with the hero and hence their journey began…

click on the link to read

Superior 1



  1. OMG! I love Superior! One of my all time favorites!!!

    I really want Yen Press to bring it over to the states (I noticed Yen Press has been bringing over a lot of Square Enix’s titles like Spiral and Zombie Loan).

    This is definitely a great read =D

    • oooo Spiral and Zombie Loan is really good

  2. I really enjoy a lot of Square Enix’s titles.

    I’m going to try Pandora’s Heart and Black Butler here soon. =3

    • ooo pandora’s heart is really good ^_^but it’s not one of my favorites the same goes for black butler

  3. […] i saw that superior was completed i got REALLY MAD !! cuz that was NOT A END it was a BEGINNING ! so after a lot of […]

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