Ayame Sohma

January 5, 2010

Today i realized that one of my favorites anime characters is Ayame from Fruits Basket.

Ayame Sohma (草摩 綾女, Sōma Ayame), aged 27–29, is the snake of the Chinese zodiac, and Yuki’s older brother. Ayame is depicted as vivacious, flamboyant, self-confident, and self-centered, with a knack for annoying Yuki and Kyo (one of the few things they initially agree upon).

For more info about ayame click on the link


I really don’t know why i like him ……. I think he is kind of good looking  ( weak to boys with long hair)  but he’s not how you think he is just by looking at him. Nooo one world he is crazy XD I just love his stories from he’s school life XD I love he’s lightheartedness moments ^^ but he can be serious…sometimes I think ^_^  I love the funny way he’s trying to get Yuki to love him ( as a big brother ) …….. hmmmmm sorry for  wasting your time on this. This is  random pop up thoughts  that did pop up when I was watching ep 14

click to watch ep 14

The Adult’s Episode – Yuki’s a Messed Up Snake!



  1. I like the snake but my favorite was the dragon/seahorse XD
    I guess I like those characters who seem serious but are fun to tease (like Lin from Ghost Hunt).

    • i’m surprised my self when i say that Ayame is one of my favorites ^_^’ usually i like characters like Sesshomaru ( inuyasha) Hotohori (fushigi Yugi) Haji/Hagi (blood+) Kaname (vampire knight)

  2. I love Ayame!!!!

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