Different version of Myself (full moon wo sagashite)

January 7, 2010

This is my thoughts about the

Different version of Myself .

(sorry for wasting you’re time and cyberspace)

Mitsuki(Full Moon) version of Myself

Aaaa  i get a sad feeling and somehow a don’t give up feeling to.  It makes me smile. I starts to think  about how hard mitsuki is trying her best to meet Eich again and how she is longing to see him how she is hopping that he will hear her song and see that it’s her.

Takuto’s version of Myself

Aaa like this one more. I got a warm feeling then i’m listening to this song. And i can she how he is looking at mitsuki  from far away always protecting her and comforting her and hoping for her happiness  .^_^

Meroko’s  version of Myself

it’s so beautiful that i starts to cry.  It makes my think about how she tries to get takuto to like her and how she always get turned down by him and how mean izumi was. TT^TT  a song from a heart broken person that’s just want to be accepted TT^TT this is just some thing that pops up then i’m listening to this songTT^TT


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