January 15, 2010

Kyaaaa this is sooo coooool hihihihi this manga is really funny hihi and the characters in this manga is really good and interesting. And I really like the story XD  there is both handsome boys and beautiful girls ^_^

Alternative Name 君は僕の虜なれ, 让我俘虏你, You Are My Captive

Years of Released 2008

Status Ongoing (on mangafox)
Author(s) Tsuzuki Setsuri

Artist(s) Tsuzuki Setsuri

Genre(s) Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shoujo

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From Aerandria Scans:
The heir of the huge Fushiki corporation, Tomoe, comes to Japan as an exchange student. He is his father’s youngest child and on top of that – his mistress’s child, but he was still appointed as heir. There’s danger that people will aim for his life. They attach to him a new maid, with glasses, naturally clumsy and ill-mannered… who turns out to be his new bodyguard, defending Tomoe with her mop!

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Kimi wa Boku no Toriko Nare Vol.01 Ch.001

random vid

Can’t get this song out of my head !

i think it fits with this manga


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