January 27, 2010

Today i lookt around on deviantart and i found feimo i just love her work hihihi bishounen heaven hehehe ^_^   aaaa that was all i wanted to say for now 😉


this is one of my fav of feimos work



  1. This is so pretty – and so serene, despite the bare branches. The colour on the hair is done really well, and the expression is so beautiful… and I really like the elfin ears ^_~

    • hehe you should say that to http://feimo.deviantart.com/


      • and I just did! 😀

      • good

      • have u seen http://laverinne.deviantart.com/ work ?
        she is really good to her style reminds me of tukiji nao,

      • Oh… she’s fantastic! And one of my favourites. Extremely intricate. ^_^ I like http://yummei.deviantart.com/ too. In fact, I have some of her work featured on my latest post. I’d really like to know what you think of it, especially since your blog expresses your enthusiasm for anime and art 🙂

      • i did not find yummei on your blog did u mean yuumei?

      • Yes, sorry! that was an unforgivable typo. 😦

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