January 28, 2010

here are another great  painter from deviantart


her work is sooo cool and to think that she only use water and poster color and mechanical pencil !!!!! Aaa i wish i could draw like that ^^ . every of her pictures have great details and a own story.

Here are some of my favs ^_^and theirs stories

Lady Bug ~ Scorpion Schyte

She is just the ordinary girl, she have a lover whom she loves so much. Someday, their contry have a war and her boyfriend must go. Her country winning the war, but she’s so sad couse her love never come back.

In the sadness and her craziness, when all the soldier have a party to celebrate their victory, she put a poison on the drink couse she think that her boyfriend dead is because of them, and to make the other people mourning like her, and after that she suicide, and hope she will be together again with her love in the next life.

When she reaborn, she’s so shocked, couse right now she become scorpion that so bad and ugly because her sins.She feel ashamed to meet his love and life hiding on the sand and stone. Everyday she’s mourning, couse althought she really miss him, but she doesn’t want to show her uglyness. But she didn’t know that her love is the already become her schyte, he accept her as she is. loves her and always protecting her from behind.

Season Colour ~ Winter Sun

she is a goddess that have power to make anything frozen. At winter she make the sun frozen and break. The sun’s pieces fall to the earth and become a snoww…><.

Lady Bug ~ Silver Butterfly

she is a girl who known as the most beautiful girl at that time. She so obsesed by it and want to be more and more beautiful. One day, she want to make a most beautiful dress for herself to make her a most beautiful person. She secrectly steal gods cloths and threads to make the dress. When gods know about it, they became so angry and warning her to stop it, but she ignore it.

Until one day when the dress already done, she become so shocked, couse although right now she wearing the most beautiful dress, now she become so bad and ugly.
She didn’t know that gods already put the curse in the cloth and threads, every time she stole the cloths and threads she’ll become more and more ugly.

She die in her desperation when she still using the dress, and become a butterfly. it’s why a butterfly have a ugly body, although theirs wing so beautiful.

her style reminds me of tukiji nao.



  1. Nice choices from laverinne’s gallery! Her level of intricacy is truly very reminiscent of Tukiji Nao.

    Incidentally, I’d like to add you to my blogroll, if that’s alright with you? ^_^ I’d really appreciate it too, if you could do the same 🙂

    • hehe okey ^_^ i will add u to^_^

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