January 30, 2010

I just looove this manga !!! it’s almost like a action version of saiunkoku monogatari ! at first it can be a little slow to read ^^’ but if u don’t give up and keep reading u will see that it’s a really interesting and funny. The pictures are all good and there is action, romance, Martial Arts in it . i think that they have draw the fighting scene great and i just love the drama.  And of course here are many  bishounen  and bishoujo in this manga 😉  aaa when i was reading vol  4 i was like waaaa kawaiiiiii (-^_^-) or WHAT!( Oo0) and yeeeeeeey <(^^)>. Aaaa Yi Huan is a great mangaka ^_^

Alternative Name 星月幻境

Years of Released 2004

Status Complete

Author(s) Yi Huan

Artist(s) Yi Huan

Related Scanlators Transcendence

Genre(s) Adventure, Fantasy, Shoujo,Romance, Martial Arts, Historical.


Chaos disturbs Zhong-Yuan (Middle Plain) as Heidi, the Black Emperor, upsurps the throne, yet the rest of wulin (The Martial Arts World) is as serene as an ocean without ripples. Having left Hua Yuan Shan (literally “Chinese Plain Mountain”, presumably a sword school) to attend a martial arts congress, Xin Moyi and Xu Xuan soon make acquaintance with Yue Ling Long, a young girl from Moyue Shan (literally “Devil Moon Mountain”). She, who will change the two worlds…
A fantastical adventure of martial-chivalry is about to unfold…

click on the link to read

Fantastic Tales Vol.01 Ch.001.1

Aaa I just love and hate the end it was happy but sad TT^TT everything is not what is seems to be TT^TT

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