February 11, 2010

I just love this manga and the story is so cute. And funny and as usually it has romance and comedy and handsome boys and cute girls in it ^_^.  It reminds me of the manga Tenshi no Uta

Alternative Name 16Life

Years of Released 2009

Status Ongoing

Author(s) Aikawa Saki

Artist(s) Aikawa Saki

Genre(s) Romance, School Life, Shoujo,Music,Comedy


From Chibi Manga:

Sana is an ordinary lethargic female high school student. At karaoke while she was singing enthusiastically a song of her favorite artist, Takase Kazuki, the person himself was watching her…!?

Click to read

16 Life Vol.01 Ch.001

random vid



  1. i watched it but the beginning isn’t really romantic but you don’t know what will happen so… ^^

    • hehe i think it will be some more romance ^_^

    • if you like manga with romance you should read VAMPIRE CRISIS

  2. Uhm, herrroooo! 🙂
    I’ve recently read all of the chaptrs of 16Life,
    and I’m just wondering if there are any books/manga of it for sale?
    If so, please list the sites where I can buy them! ^-^

    • i’m sorry but i don’t know T^T i would also like to know there i can buy them

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