February 17, 2010

This is a really cool manga^_^ but maybe not new but cool. It reminds me of inuyasha ^_^ a dead ex-miko that comes back to life and the protector of the ex-miko and the ex-miko is in love and then she dies he fall in love with the new miko first because she reminds him of the ex-miko. Aaaa and more ^^’ sorry for my lame explanation hehe

I really like the story and the magic and that you cot to know some of the old Japanese gods and goddess. the manga is sad funny… i think and hmmmmm….. ^_^

Alternative Name Eien Kamoshirenai , Could Be Forever, Eternité peut-être ,永遠かもしれない

Years of Released 1997

Status Completed

Author(s) Akaishi Michiyo

Artist(s) Akaishi Michiyo

Genre(s) Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural


Princess Himeko (the highest priest in japanese legend) 99th died in an accident which leads her heart to be transplanted to an ordinary girl with heart failure named Cosmo. Princess Himeko 99th’s guardian; Hitsugi, vows to protect the princess or her remaining body part which lives in Cosmo’s body. Both of them paired to save japan from total destruction by the devil’s force. Things gotten more complicated when Princess Himeko 99th raised from the dead to take Cosmo’s life.

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Towa Kamoshirenai Vol.01 Ch.001

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One comment

  1. wow
    it looks really good i think i’m gonna see it ^^

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