February 28, 2010

Just love this loooove it !  it has one of the things that i love in a manga or anime …. an interesting love triangle… ^_^haaa but i really don’t know who i want her to choose or if i want her to choose. I just love the pictures and the story. It so kawaiiii sometimes ^_^but the heroine is sooo slow when it comes to feeling ^^’ hahaha

Alternative Name メビウス同盟, 秘密同盟, Mobius Alliance
Secret Alliance

Years of Released 2002

Status Ongoing  ( on mangafox)

Author(s) Minami Sachi

Artist(s) Minami Sachi

Genre(s) Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo


Matsuri TAKANOSE a first year high school student. Her mother is the board chairman of t he school, and Matsuri is under a LOT of pressure to be the perfect student. One day after a grueling meeting in her mother’s office at school, Matsuri encounters two boys who treat her differently. One is Takemasa ANDOU-kun, a smart, quiet guy who is known for keeping to himself and not talking much. The other is Watanuki-kun. Kaguya WATANUKI is a very cute, outgoing, athletic guy. He and Andou-kun are classmates, but they don’t appear to be friends. Later Matsuri happens to find out about her favorite idol pop singer and those two’s relationship… This sets up an interesting love triangle…

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Mobius Doumei Vol.01 Ch.001


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