wolf’s rain spoiler

March 8, 2010

Aaaaa i just love the anime wolf’s rain but i really can’t decide if i like the end.  I mean did kiba and cheza meet again ???? is he running towards the flower ? and why cant she be a human. but i really like this anime it’s sooo cute soo beautiful sooo sad sooo everything.  Aaaa but  I would like to see them together in the end to get really satisfied.

But then I think about it they are together in the end in the manga.  And everyone is alive. It’s different from the anime. Or is it just that I haven’t read all the vols? I have read 2 vols.  Haaaaaa every time I’m watching the anime I get a sad feeling in my chest every time it watch the last ep  aaaa I wonder why

click to watch

Wolf’s Rain Episode 1

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Wolf’s Rain Vol.01 Ch.001



  1. Excellent piece of writing, l quite agree with your submission. I will subscribe to your rss to keep up.

  2. The very end is not sad. a new world, brighter and happier than the apolyptic one that we have all the anime long is created.
    But once again humans are destroying it (the eye of Darcia represent the evil. I know that you know xD
    All the characters did not die in vain at least, well except cher perhaps.
    To be honest UrufuzuRein is my favorite aniem of all time (so far).
    it is fantastic but also realistic, i mean you can believe that wolfs are among us and that’s what makes this anime special.
    But someyhing’s always disturbing me: Toboe looks like a gril, doesn’t it? I guess it is because he’s really young;
    Also an interesting thing: Darcia happens to be a really mad and bad person only at the end. That’s quite unusual but that’s great.
    Uncommon things often are great.
    Then that’s surprising how well does the song strau fill in with the anime. I really appreciate the soundtracks of this anime, some will say it is weird but once again the music makes it special.
    That’s exactly the same thing in the anime Gun Grave: jazz makes the anime better.
    Eventually i also like the anime for the landscapes. they all are amazing. everything. In particular the apocalytic skies are very reprensentative of what i have in my mind when i think about apocalyptic skies xD .
    Sorry for all the mistakes, english ain’t my native language.

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