April 1, 2010

I just love this manga!!!! It’s a funny, cute, sad, romance manga mixed with magic, horror, bishounen. And you can’t avoid to feel sad in the end TT^TT ( I cried a LOT in the end). I think this one is more a manga for girls. There is love triangle, love problems in this manga. Aaaaa I fell sad now when I have read it all TT^TT ooo and I just love the pictures. This is one really good manga and after a “ ieee where is all the good manga !” crisis so am I really happy that I found this one.

Alternative Name 女王様の犬, Jyou-sama no Inu, Jouosama no Inu, Princess’ Dog, Thú cưng của nữ hoàng , El Perro de Su Majestad, Câinele Majestăţii Sale

Years of Released 2001

Status Completed

Author(s) Takeuchi Mick

Artist(s) Takeuchi Mick

Genre(s) Comedy, Drama, Horror, Romance, Supernatural, Shoujo


From Go! Comi:

Amane Kamori lives in a rural village, isolated from modern society. She is a powerful medium, able to control living creatures and things through the use of its real name. Her main companion is Hyoue, her guardian demon dog, who she powers up through kissing. Forbidden from revealing her identity, she and Hyoue are allowed to move to Tokyo. Together they work to help both the living and the dead deal with various troubles, while also adjusting to high school society. Amane must deal with jealousy from classmates, who don’t understand why the handsome Hyoue is so devoted to her, as well as with her own family attempting to force her to come home. The family even attempts to break her bond with Hyoue. Meanwhile, Hyoue devotes himself to his master, while struggling to hide the forbidden feelings he has for her.

click to read

Her Majesty’s Dog Vol.01 Ch.001: DOGFIGHT


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