Saver Vol.12 Ch.038: Before the Edge of Death

April 27, 2010

Okey i said i did not have time for manga/anime but i could not resist to read this chapter !!!!!! and i don’t regret it even that my homework is not done XD! Enough of that I just hate the queen!!!!!! And i don’t know what about michael! And poor sid i hope that he don’t get hurt or die TT^TT And ley/ lena is she fighting to die or to be alive ? she was lucky that sharis was with her ^_^ Aaa and one last thing to say…or 2 Noooooooooooooooooooo max TT^TT!!!!!!!!

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Saver Vol.12 Ch.038: Before the Edge of Death

i just LOVE this song and PV!!!!

PV story

forgetalot13 said :The guy samurai fought a demon.. who took over his body.. The Demon ruled and killed innocent people.. one being the girl’s loved one.. She fell into hatred and trained to kill him.. Once there she attacks.. then after the demon’s host body was wounded.. it transferred into the girl.. The guy samurai gained his awareness back and was astonished about his stab.. after the demons embrace..the samurai turned into Sakura petals…. Basically.. the Demon wins


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