Hakuouki Episode 6 no subb yet !

May 10, 2010

Kyaaaaa sannan-san gambatte !!!!!!!!!!! he tried to kill himself  with chizuru-sans katana Y^Y  i’m so happy that he’s alive and that his arme is good again …..but he is not TT^TT . and aaaa and who is the woman that looks like chizuru-san???? I want to know!!!!! And why are the bad guy after chizuru and what are they going to do with her ?!?!?! i can tell that the have interest in her.

Aaaa I wish that I could more Japanese I did not understand everything that they said TT^TT  I have to rewatch the ep then it have subb.

click to watch! for subb return on Wednesday

Hakuouki Episode 6


One comment

  1. Sadness
    Hakuouki is already on ep 6 and I’ve yet to watch ep 2 T-T
    Must get my daily recommended dosage of bishi! xD

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