Saver Vol.13 Ch.041- Vol.14 Ch.044.1

May 24, 2010

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey  saver has 4 more chapter now !!!!!!!!!  and i love them!^_^

Just so you know everyone knows that Lena/ley are a girl now ! … i don’t really know how she feel about Michael ……… but i think she is sad …… aaaa i wish she know how his feelings T^T poor him but they …….. him ^_^. Now  Lucian knows why Ley/ Lena protects him, that she wants to go home TT^TT  but i think that he will try to stop her ……… aaa and ley/Lena discovered something about herself that she did not knew . then she was a baby she got……….. and end up in …………. And then………….. so now she hast to…………… And she meet …………. she told her to go to the leon tribe and ask for help.aaa and so much more happened so YOU SHOULD CLICK IN THE LINK AND START TO READ XD

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Saver Vol.13 Ch.041: Long night, Longer day

Saver Vol.13 Ch.042: Ariana

Saver Vol.13 Ch.043: Gathering People

Saver Vol.14 Ch.044.1

spoiler on

Hakuouki (not so big )

I know that this is random but I just have to write this….
you know the girl that looks like Chizuru the girl that killed people in the end of ep 8.

do you want to know why she
looks like Chizuru? If you don’t want to do not read the text …. if you can find it

you just got to mark  everything

The girl that looks like Chizuru name is Chikage Kazama and it’s a boy!
Chikage Kazama is Chizuru’s twin brother who was separated at birth
and he likes to dress as a woman.

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