Arakawa Under the Bridge ep 8

May 26, 2010

Hahahha  Arakawa Under the Bridge is the best then you had a boring hard school day XD

Awwwwwa  poor KouT^T i really don’t like his father ! and woooh what is he going to do then two people from the company discovers that he is living under the bridge???? Lie lie and lie XD hahaha but it do not go as he wished they may look normal but they are SOOOOO NOT. Hahahahaha but what is it with that guy XD hehehe aaa and OMG Kou first kiss with Niino!!!!!!!!!hihihi and in front of Hoshi

Hahah the kiss made him crazy XD

^^’but what is his father planning to do then he sees the pictures on Kou and the other ^^……………..


Arakawa Under the Bridge Episode 8

looks good

looks good

0O0 !

0O0 !


One comment

  1. Thanks! I’m glad you liked my site for Hakuouki, to tell you franlky, i liked Hakuouki than Rurouni Kenshin… Anyways, nice site! It’s so lively, sorry if i can’t put some lively environment on my blog site, since that i’m just a “fledgling” when it comes to these matters, but who knows, i might make something nice, if i get the hang of it!

    Hope you can still visit from time to time, again… Thanks!

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