Arakawa Under the Bridge ep 8

May 26, 2010

Hahahha  Arakawa Under the Bridge is the best then you had a boring hard school day 😄

Awwwwwa  poor KouT^T i really don’t like his father ! and woooh what is he going to do then two people from the company discovers that he is living under the bridge???? Lie lie and lie 😄 hahaha but it do not go as he wished they may look normal but they are SOOOOO NOT. Hahahahaha but what is it with that guy 😄 hehehe aaa and OMG Kou first kiss with Niino!!!!!!!!!hihihi and in front of Hoshi

Hahah the kiss made him crazy 😄

^^’but what is his father planning to do then he sees the pictures on Kou and the other ^^……………..


Arakawa Under the Bridge Episode 8

looks good

looks good

0O0 !

0O0 !


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  1. Thanks! I’m glad you liked my site for Hakuouki, to tell you franlky, i liked Hakuouki than Rurouni Kenshin… Anyways, nice site! It’s so lively, sorry if i can’t put some lively environment on my blog site, since that i’m just a “fledgling” when it comes to these matters, but who knows, i might make something nice, if i get the hang of it!

    Hope you can still visit from time to time, again… Thanks!

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