June 12, 2010

This is a manga that is kind of twisted ….. it’s sometimes cute but  soon you will be overwhelmed of sadness . It has a touch of horror in it and cruel romance. The characters background is dark with many sad things.. the first chapter is about  a food tasters feeling for Belladonna one of the poison princess ……….

The rest is about a child with blood red hair that survived a fire and become the poison princess Lycoris. She is now trying to survive in enemy country and kill the target but nothing  goes like planned

Alternative Name Doku Hime, Poison Princess, 毒姫 , La princesse de poison

Years of Released 2004

Status Ongoing No Set Date Release

Author(s) Mihara Mitsukazu

Artist(s) Mihara Mitsukazu

Related Scanlators Aerandria Scans

Genre(s) Drama, Horror, Josei, Romance, Tragedy,GothLoli

Reading Direction Read from right to left.


It starts with poisonous herbs under the cradle. Then under the sheets. And inside the clothes. Even mixed in the milk that they feed the newborn. This way the child gradually gets used to poisons and becomes the perfect assassination tool – the “Poison Princess” whose every kiss, tear and even touch bring death. Her only chance of survival is to fulfill her duty as an assassin and find a way to live on in the enemy land she is sent to… if her heart is strong enough.

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Dokuhime Vol.01 Ch.001

this is one of the few kawaiiiiiii things in this manga



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