June 20, 2010

I really like this manga it has an interesting story with a touch of comedy and tragedy and of course romance. I like the end of the story it gives you a chance to decide yourself how it will end.

Alternative Name ヴァンピーロと死神, The Vampire and the Reaper

Years of Released 2009

Status Completed

Author(s) Ikemi Runa

Artist(s) Ikemi Runa

Genre(s) One Shot, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural

Reading Direction Read from right to left.


Tomas is a proud and fearless assassin who has never failed a commission and do not fear the death. But what happens when he’s commissioned to kill Myra. An immortal vampire with a sad background.

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Vampire to Shinigami Vol.01 Ch.001

(arigato oneesama showing me this song)



  1. OMG I just read this on mangafox xD
    Personally, I like Nil no Koi☆Mahoujin better (the manga-ka’s other work)
    But both are cute :3

    • That’s a kawaii manga ^_^ heheheh i really got surprised then i read that the woman was a guy.

  2. Youre so appropriate. Im there with you. Your blog is certainly worth a read if anybody comes across it. Im lucky I did mainly because now Ive got a entire new view of this. I didnt realise that this problem was so crucial and so universal. You definitely place it in viewpoint for me.

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