June 29, 2010

This manga reminds me of Legend by Soo Jung Woo and Kara. I don’t have much to say about this manga. It kind of just slid off the mind when you have read it. it doesn’t leave a big impression. You get kind of annoyed with the phoenix and thinks that the cat is much better then the blue dragon but that is it. but there is something that makes it worth to read but I just cant put the finger on what it is.


Hang-Ah is a girl who has the power to foresee the future in her dreams. One day she had a strange dream of the future and soon after that is she forced to go on a journey with her black cat Nabi in order to break the seal of the four gods and that is easier said then done when danger is every there

Alternative Name 항아, 籬(리),    항아, 리,     Dream Fantasia,    Hang-Ah, Li

Years of Released 2007

Status Ongoing

Author(s) Ok Sae Rom

Artist(s) Ok Sae Rom

Genre(s) Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Shoujo

Reading Direction Read from left to right.

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Hangah, Lee Vol.01 Ch.000: Prologue

thnx sininen-oneesama for tip



  1. You read this one too – shows that we have good tastes, my friend
    I don’t know what it is about this series I like – I think it’s the art
    Very adorable

  2. well I don’t agree with you about saying it is annoying…but of course everyone has its own opinion about it ! : ) I read till volume 3 then I saw the raw (unfortunately i can’t read korean T_T)… but even though i could not read, i kinda understood what was going on and I still think this manhua is amazing : the story is fantastic, it really brought you into another world reading it! I love the romance between blue dragon and Hangah : it is not all dovey dovey, and it goes slowly, but I really like it this way! it is more believable! and what people can find boring is maybe the humour of the manhua when everyone is fighting with each other, but ahah I prefer seeing it lighly like a big joke sometimes ! and of course the drawing are reallyyyy beautiful !!

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