3 manga female characters

June 30, 2010

Short about the 3 manga female characters i REALLY LIKE (and sometimes want to be like) !!!!!


Isthar– vampire game

Sunako– the  wallflower/yamato nadeshiko shichi henge/Perfect Girl Evolution

Lena/Ley- in the beginning is she more friendlily but after that some things happened she become dark and cold. She forgot how important friends are and the only thing in her mind is to take revenge and to get back home. She is not afraid of death and can with ease kill someone she is closed and do not open up easily to anyone. She is somehow like a lonely wolf. She can sense people coming and she attacks without thinking almost.

i would love to be as good at fighting as she is and i like her dark mysterious personality and her ability to stay calm in stressful and dangerous situations.

Isthar – She is kind of childish and she does what she wants and acts after impulse and feelings. But she has a big heart. She is lazy and likes to skip the things she thinks is boring. Because she does it is she not god at magic or fighting. But she is true to her feelings and always says that is on her mind and sometimes she acts like a grown up. She is loyal to her friends and never hesitates to help. She thinks that everyone is equal.  She loves to wear dresses and sometimes she disguise herself in men’s clothes.

Hmmmm she is the first character that I have felt is like me. (even thought I’m not a princess and do not live in a kingdom with magic and vampires ^^’)

Sunako– she is a girl that is REALLY DARK ( she is dark on a different way then Lena/ley. I think, but maybe it just that the manga/anime sunako is in is a love comedy and Lena/ley is in a drama,tragedy romanc) she do not care about her looks or the latest fashion, make up. she says that she has given up on being a girl. She are almost always on her room that is dark has a lot horror stuff like an anatomy doll, skeleton, brains, skulls in it. She is almost always watching horror movies. She can’t stand beautiful persons and then she sees one she gets a nosebleed and faints. She also doesn’t like strong sunlight. She is really good at cooking and cleaning. She is good at school but she is not good at math she thinks it’s boring. She is very athletic and has superhuman strength, speed sometimes. Even thought she is a dark person that has given up on herself a bit dose she cares for other (i think).  when she is angry or upset she gets supernatural  powers and can sometimes act like a ghost. She is also good at fighting. For the most is she wearing a white shirt and red pants  or her school uniform.

I would like to have her supernatural powers hihihi and be good at cooking and cleaning; and I would also like to have super strength and speed.

one of the reasons that they are my favo is that they all have long hair just like me ^_^


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