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ch 2 of my sess/kag fanfiction

July 31, 2010

hehehe it’s just me trying to write a fanfiction gomene ^^’

Sesshomaru opened the door, a scared servant quickly bowed and stepped out of the way when he saw sesshomaru. “ my lord. Inu no taisho and his guest is waiting for you in his room.  I was told to escorted you there” the servant said. Sesshomaru said nothing then he began to walk, the servant come after him. sesshomaru arched his eyebrow, there was the scent of a human in the hallway. “how come , I can smell human in this castle?” sesshomaru asked in a cold voice. the servant stopped and looked around, the taiyoukai gave him a cold glare. “ I will immediately  try to  find the human” the servant said quickly and rushed away. Sesshomaru opened the door to his fathers room, “ there is a low human in this castle….” He narrowed his eyes as he saw the two who stood in front of his father. One of the women worn a pure red kimono made by silk, the golden clouds and cranes on the red silk looked like they was slowly moving. The woman’s face had a beautiful shape and was framed by white hair with golden strings that fell down on the floor. The long eyelashes was also white. Her face had the color of ivory or even whiter and her eyes had a warm golden color, the lips was colored in red-gold. There was a faint scent of the flower jasmine from her.  The other one was probably a woman too but she worn man cloths. She worn a white haori with green on the sleeves and on the right  side of the collar. on the green areas was white flowers with five petals, the sashinuki hakama was also white and covered the feet. Around the waist was a red and white sash. The woman’s skin had the color of a human, her face was almost as beautiful as the others.  The human woman’s eyes had a warm brown color. The hair was so dark brown that it was black, it was only when the sun shine through it that it looked dark brown. The hair was tied up in a los pony-tail and fell down to the waist. Her had rested on hers katana.

“ sesshomaru my son come here” his father said. Sesshomaru walked closer and stopped beside his father.

“ my lord inu no taisho I’m lady kaguya and this is lady kagome. We are very thankful that you are willing to help and we will try our best to not cause any trouble.” The woman in red said and bowed. Both of them smiled against Inu no taisho, but only kaguya smiled against sesshomaru.

“ you can skip the title just call me Toga and this is my son Sesshomaru” The inu no taishou said and  smiled nervously and bowed back, sesshomaru did the same but did not smile. As the spoke did kagome only look at Toga and ignored sesshomaru. Sesshomaru acted the same way and ignored her. The atmosphere become pretty gloomy after a while.

“ now shall I show you the room” Toga said and tried to ease up the atmosphere in the room.

kagome and kaguya nodded and the atmosphere become a bit lighter as they went out from the room. the two ladies walked beside Toga, sesshomaru walked behind them.

“so beautiful” gasped kagome when they arrived to the room.

the rooms was in a dark color and had a big silver moon in the middle of the roof. The walls had drawings of golden flowers and birds on them. In the room stood two beds in red and gold and a big closet . the bathroom had the color of the sea and there was a huge bath tube. The mirrors was big and the frames was made of silver.

“do you ladies like it ? it was my son who decorated this room ” Toga said.

Sesshomaru looked up on his father, had he?

Toga gave him a glare, sesshomaru looked a bit annoyed back on his father why had he said that.

“you have done a good job sesshomaru.” Said kagome.

Before sesshomaru had a chance to say anything she jumped  up on the bed and closed her eyes. He looked at her, she really was not ladylike. “ oo sorry about  her she is a bit…… different.” Lady kaguya said and bowed down fast in a apologies. “ aaa no problems. I’m happy the she likes the bed and the room.” Toga said and smiled. Sesshomaru turned around ready to go.

“ yes by the way it you have anything you wants to ask, you can always ask sesshomaru. He knows more about this place then I “ toga laughed and tapped his son on the shoulder. “ ooo can you show us the garden?” kagome immediately said an opened her eyes. Sesshomaru looked at his father and asked himself what he had done.


hi just a moment and DOROTHY OF OZ

July 31, 2010

I think this is the worst vacation ever =_=.  At first it was like heaven a big town (Helsinki), a big hotell with internet and the shop blippo ( I will write more about the manga/anime shop blippo then I can put up pictures. Just now I’m using a internet from the phone and whoooooo the money is just flying away! <(0o0)>), we where walking around in Helsinki and bath on a big beach ^_^ . Later on did we move out on the country. It was fun in the start and the house was near the water XD. But on the evenings was it like ………  there was so much mosquitoes and all of them liked my blood so I have mosquito bites all over me p(T^T)q

An then thunder came and the storm ! almost every night !!!!! @—@  ghaaaa I hate it  T^T  and the rest of my family feels the same so will go home sooner. But hihihi there are some good points in this vacations I got a katana !!!!!!!!!!!! and I was on a salem al fakir concert !!! ^_^ I will write more about it then I come home !!!!!!!

Btw I got accepted to the high school I wanted so now I can study Japanese and biology

Aaa I almost forgot the manga tips XD

Before I got trapped without internet did I read the manga


and i really like the twist on the wizard from oz hihi the scarecrow and the iron man and the lion is sooo cute XD hihihi I really like the scarecrow hihi I want to  hug him. btw sorry for the lack of pictures m(_ _)m

Alternative Name 도로시, Dorosi

Years of Released 2006

Status Ongoing

Author(s) Son Hee-joon

Artist(s) Son Hee-joon

Genre(s) Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

Reading Direction Read from left to right.

Summary From Udon Entertainment: When Mara Shin’s dog Toto gets lost one fateful day, she goes in search for him along some yellow brick road and ends up in the wonderful land of Oz! Everyone instantly starts calling her Dorothy, but these aren’t the cowardly lion, brainless scarecrow and heartless tin man adventures you remember! This fantastic fairy tale features familiar characters…but with a definite action animated twist!

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Dorothy of Oz Vol.01 Ch.001: Trespassers


sorry ! no internet さようなら (Sayōnara) and Heart no Kuni no Alice Vol.05 Ch.025: Dance Lesson

July 14, 2010

I’m so sorry but i will not be able to update this blog this moth. I’m stranded in Finland without internet. So i will not be able to read any manga or write about it. I and my family is going to Finland on vacation and I will be able to visit many Japanese /manga /anime shops .so when I come home I will write about it and more manga and anime.

Btw the manga Heart no Kuni no Alice is updated hihi this chapter is so cute they are trying to teach alice to dance XD

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Heart no Kuni no Alice Vol.05 Ch.025: Dance Lesson

So I wish you a great  summer break with lots of sun and ice cream!!!!!!! *Hug* everyone and thanks for visiting this blog.

さようなら (Sayōnara)

here is chapter one in my sess/kag fanfiction…. yes i know its random XD

Silence… No one said anything, the only sound come from the wind as it swept the snow across the ground. Sesshomaru looked at his father and narrowed his golden eyes. How long was his father planning to watch the moon? Sesshomaru was displeased and a bit annoyed, had his father canceled his training only to make him stare at the moon.

Moon gazing, his father loved it and could spend hours staring at the moon. The elders also liked it, sometimes could his father and the elders together with the leader and elders from the wolf tribe  meet up just to gaze at the moon. Sesshomaru saw no pleasure in moon gazing, he rather trained with his sword or patrolled the land. The taiyoukai turned around ready to walk away. his father broke the silence just as he began to walk.“ patience my son. Everything happens in it’s own pace. Sometimes all you can do is wait.” Sesshomaru arched his eyebrow, what did his father mean with that. Before he got a chance to reflect on his fathers words his father transformed  and began to howl at the moon. Sesshomaru felt a chill and saw how the sky darkened as the full moon disappeared. His father turned around and glared at him with his red eyes then he was about to draw his sword. Sesshomaru let his hand fall down from the sword. his father looked up there the moon had been and turned back without looking away. A silver white light lightened up the sky, first was it everywhere then the light began to gather and formed a big circle. A dark silhouette of either a man or woman  with long hair wearing a robe appeared in the middle of the circle of light. No scent come from the silhouette but he could feel a strong presence. Sesshomaru widened his eyes then he saw how his father bowed down. the taiyoukai did the same then he received a glare from his father.

The silhouette began to speak, it was a mans voice. The voice was like thunder, loud  and clear and everywhere. Sesshomaru clenched his fists in his try to resist the need to cover his ears. ” I  the great Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto is greeting you Inu no Taisho” Sesshomaru almost lost his balance, it was the moon god, the one his father had sworn to serve. He remembered it like it was yesterday, he had been much younger then his father and the wolf tribes leader and the elders had gather everyone of both the wolf youkais and the inugamis to a meeting. His father had said that from this day they would serve the moon god and the next day had a big  temple to the moon gods honor been built. The taiyoukais flash back was interrupted by the voice of the god. ” my loyal servant, no my friend. Don’t bow rise up and look at me.  I have come to you to beg of your help”  his father looked up on the god, Sesshomaru hesitated to look up, but then the god made a gesture and his father nodded he lifted his head. ” what can I a low being do for you my god”. His father said.

” soon I will get married.”

” congratulations my……..”. the Inu no Taisho was silenced with a hand gesture from the god.

” Thank you my friend, yes it’s a happy thing but a god can’t just get married. My bride to be has to take a test, she has to survive on the earth and try to understand the way of the creatures that lives on the earth. The test is normally a pretty easy, but my sister has decided to disturbed the test.”

Sesshomaru looked at the horizon. There was a faint light of the sun, the empire of Amaterasu Omikami the sun goddess and the moon gods sister.

” she detest and hates me as you know. And my bride to be happens to be one of her best friends. She will do anything to try to stop the wedding. So I beg you to protect my bride to be. I will send her down to you together with her loyal guard” the moon god said.

Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes then a new bright light appeared in the sky. Soon was the taiyoukai forced to close his eyes because the bright light. When Sesshomaru opened his eyes was he in his room he feared a minute that his father had carried him to his room, but that was not a possibility. He was standing up in the middle of his room. He got to the conclusion that the moon god had with his power transported them back to the castle.

what do you think about it?



July 8, 2010

I just love this manga is so beautifu T^T and and saaaaaad T^T

Its about a long-LOOOOONG-distance relationship. T^T

She is in space risking her life, he’s on earth waiting………. Dead, cold dark separates them only a cellphone is connecting them. feelings and memories sad and happy. A faint hope of a future together fear for forever be separated. Years passes one of them grows up the other reminds the same trapped in time. will the memories and the feelings stay or will the fade away with the years  are there a happy ending………..

Oo I almost forgot I think that the girl looks like sakura from tsubasa chronicle.

Alternative Name ほしのこえ, 星之聲, Voices of a Distant Star

Years of Released 2005

Status Completed

Author(s) Shinkai Makoto

Artist(s) Sahara Mizu

Genre(s) Drama, Mecha, Psychological, Romance, Sci-fi, Seinen

Reading Direction Read from right to left.


From Tokyopop:
To what distance would you go for your one true love? In the midst of an alien invasion, Mikako joins the resistance, leaving behind the one young man she loves. As she goes deeper into space, Mikako’s only connection with her boyfriend is through cell-phone text messages. The war rages on and years pass, but Mikako barely ages in the timelessness of space while Noboru grows old. How can the love of two people, torn apart by war, survive?

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Hoshi no Koe Vol.01 Ch.001

Two thousand and ten
Two thousand and ten
(Yeah. yeah) Guess who’s back
You already know what it is
If you ain’t know, now you know (uh huh)
Here we go once again
You know how we do it
Baby you~
Lemme show you something
Let’s go

Round halo
Round oh!
Round and round (eh eh)
Round girl
Round a-ha
Round and round (Doooo~)
Round crazy
Round why
Round and round boy
Round love
Round girl

Every day I love you
Every night I run
I’m sorry, please come back to my side
Every day I bounce bounce
Every night I bang bang
I am gonna be famous
From now on be tough ladies
Pure love, f(x)

Baby you, baby I might take you higher
Damn it oh oh oh
No one no one no one one
Baby you, baby I might take you higher
Say yeah ah ah ah
bang bang bang bang bang bang

Ha ha ha, rock tonight
La la la, magic
La la la, be ok
La la la, what should I do sister?

Round ah
Round shh!
Round and round love
Round push
Round boy
Round and round hurt
Round round like
Round and round i’m back
Round after
Round chitty chitty
Round (ah)

Somebody bump bump bump
Somebody love love love
Why make this to me, make me cry?
Every day I bounce bounce
Every night I bang bang
I wanna be on magazine
Everything in my way in ma scene
Baby you turn it up

Baby you, baby I might take you higher
Damn it oh oh oh
No one no one no one one
Baby you, baby I might take you higher
Mellow ah ah ah
bang bang bang bang bang bang

Bang bang bang mystery
Boom boom boom mazik
Ah ah ah let’s secret secret time (let’s go)

Fine, breaking up is better
This was going to happen between us anyway
You were going to do this anyway
Why do I still feel this way
When I know there’s nothing left to say
Because of it I lose you, girl in the mirror

Bringing it to you daily, it’s only from the best
After School, Play Girlz know how to get fresh
So cool, so right, just so tasty
We bring it fast forward, the fellas go crazy

There’s only two of us under the colorful lights
A new story, Lollipop 2
My style is more thrilling than sweet
I got you

Every day I love you
Every night I run
I’m sorry, please come back to my side
Every day I bounce bounce
Every night I bang bang
Round and round
Hope you’ll step to me, step to me
Round and round

Round halo
Round oh!
Round and round girl
Round after
Round f(x)
Round and round boy
Round love
Round girl
Round magic
(One) not without you, yeah
We’re out!


Otogi Moyou Ayanishiki

July 4, 2010

Kyaaaa i just love this manga.  Hihihi i just WANT more. I cant wait to see what going to happen after vol 14 ch 12.  The heroine is cute and the sprits are also cute. I just love Ojaru-sama attitude. And Shinkuro is so cute XD it’s going to be hard to choose who I want of them to end up with the heroine…… but I think I have an idée of who it will be.

Aaa this is a manga that made me cry and gave me a warm feeling.  I feel kind of empty then I have read all the vols that is uploaded and I REALLY want to read more

Alternative Name お伽もよう綾にしき, 绫罗恋曲, Fairy-tale-like Noble,Truyện cổ gấm hoa, Fairy Tale: motif brocade

Years of Released 2005

Status Ongoing

Author(s) Hikawa Kyoko

Artist(s) Hikawa Kyoko

Genre(s) Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural


From Wingtip Cafe:
Suzu, an ordinary girl who possess extra-ordinary power to summon demons, was left with a flute, the only keepsake of her disappearing ‘Father’. In the flute dwelt the guardian spirit who responds to her plea in danger.

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Otogi Moyou Ayanishiki Vol.01 Ch.001