hi just a moment and DOROTHY OF OZ

July 31, 2010

I think this is the worst vacation ever =_=.  At first it was like heaven a big town (Helsinki), a big hotell with internet and the shop blippo ( I will write more about the manga/anime shop blippo then I can put up pictures. Just now I’m using a internet from the phone and whoooooo the money is just flying away! <(0o0)>), we where walking around in Helsinki and bath on a big beach ^_^ . Later on did we move out on the country. It was fun in the start and the house was near the water XD. But on the evenings was it like ………  there was so much mosquitoes and all of them liked my blood so I have mosquito bites all over me p(T^T)q

An then thunder came and the storm ! almost every night !!!!! @—@  ghaaaa I hate it  T^T  and the rest of my family feels the same so will go home sooner. But hihihi there are some good points in this vacations I got a katana !!!!!!!!!!!! and I was on a salem al fakir concert !!! ^_^ I will write more about it then I come home !!!!!!!

Btw I got accepted to the high school I wanted so now I can study Japanese and biology

Aaa I almost forgot the manga tips XD

Before I got trapped without internet did I read the manga


and i really like the twist on the wizard from oz hihi the scarecrow and the iron man and the lion is sooo cute XD hihihi I really like the scarecrow hihi I want to  hug him. btw sorry for the lack of pictures m(_ _)m

Alternative Name 도로시, Dorosi

Years of Released 2006

Status Ongoing

Author(s) Son Hee-joon

Artist(s) Son Hee-joon

Genre(s) Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

Reading Direction Read from left to right.

Summary From Udon Entertainment: When Mara Shin’s dog Toto gets lost one fateful day, she goes in search for him along some yellow brick road and ends up in the wonderful land of Oz! Everyone instantly starts calling her Dorothy, but these aren’t the cowardly lion, brainless scarecrow and heartless tin man adventures you remember! This fantastic fairy tale features familiar characters…but with a definite action animated twist!

click to read

Dorothy of Oz Vol.01 Ch.001: Trespassers


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