August 11, 2010

A time ago i discovered that one of my favo pairing is Zutara (katara and zuko). Zuko and Katara were orignially supposed to end up together. I really don’t know why they decided to change it …….. and I think it was a stupid decision………. I think that aang is more like her little brother even tho he is over 100 years old……

Enough about that. i found a REALLY good amv and a really good fan fiction XD

And here they are:


After freeing her and her friends from capture, Zuko has no choice but to care for a gravely injured Katara, who was left behind by accident. The trick? Keeping his face hidden so she doesn’t hurt herself even more by trying to fight him.

( i just LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE X3000X30 this fanfiction Jamie Hasaku did a great work !!!! and the amv is also well done ! haaaaaa i hope that katara and zuko is together in the movie  )

click to read

WTMCO: When The Mask Comes Off »




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