gomene m(_ _)m and Legend of the Sun Knight as Manga

August 23, 2010

I’m sorry for the lack of updates but i’m to busy to try fit in, in my new high school. So i don’t have time for manga/anime T^T but but i will soon update soon. i just have to find time to do it. There will be slower updates because the high school and i practice kendo 2 times every week.

Omg i have waited for this manga !!!!!!!! yeeeeees yeeees i love it me want more!!!!!!!!!! Hihihihihihii……..(sorry for that =_=)

I really love the art and the story and i really happy that the novel has turn into a manga XD

Alternative Name 吾命騎士, The Legend of Sun Knight

Years of Released 2010

Status Ongoing
Yu Wo

Artist(s) Os Rabbit Cat

Related Scanlators Odd Squad Scanlations
) Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shoujo


From Odd Squad Scanlations:

Meet the Sun Knight, the dashing leader of the Twelve Holy Knights. With his enchanting blue eyes, shining golden hair and dazzling smile he’s the epitome of perfection – the perfect representative of justice and compassion. Now meet the Sun Knight’s true self – the cynical, sarcastic man who would rather be anything else than be the overbearing Sun Knight who has to speaks of the Light God in all his waking hours.

click to read

Legend of the Sun Knight Vol.01 Ch.001: The Sun Knight Must Always Maintain The Smile



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