August 31, 2010

Hihihi i had almost forgot this manhwa ^^’ but i still love it XD hihi  it’s so funny, happy and ……yet sad and ……………. Dark…. I like the pictures and the story ………. The story is …….. somehow like a river with water that flows and sometimes has to slow down  to avoid obstacles

……………………….. i got really mad at Shin Gyu Yun in book 4 and 5 =_=

but one thing is for sure i just love Eun-Ahs dad XD his is one of my favorite manga father  characters XD one other is Ranka-chan in ouran high school host club. Shin Gyu Yuns dad is ok but he is to cold for me…..

Alternative Name 신데렐라 맨,Cinderella Boy (KIM Hee Kyoung), Cinderella Man (KIM Hee Kyoung)

Years of Released 2003

Status Ongoing

Author(s) Kim Hee Kyoung

Artist(s) Kim Hee Kyoung

Related Scanlators Transcendence

Genre(s) Comedy, Romance, Shoujo , Drama, Slice Of Life

Reading Direction Read from left to right.


Shin Gyu Yun is the heir of the Shin Oong Group and the self-proclaimed prince of Korea’s economy. However, he has a secret. Since his father left them before Shin was born, he can’t help but clean things due to his past of helping out his mother with the chores. It wasn’t until that Shin’s mother died in an accident that he came to know his scheming step-sisters by moving into his father’s estate. The step-sisters conspire to make him lose his position… but could that have made him fall in love with a low-class girl?

click to read

Cinderella Fella Vol.01 Ch.001: The Prince Covered in Ashes

i don’t know which of the bands i like the most………… perhaps u-kiss


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